Sunday, February 14, 2016

Testing The All New 32x10-14 Pro Armor Crawler XG

Earlier this month I had the privilege to test the all new 32x10-14 Crawler XG Tire by Pro Armor.

The Machine:
2016 Polaris XP Turbo

 First test...... the toughest UTV Race in the United States, The 10th Annual King Of The Hammers.

Theses tires were flawless. At high speeds the Crawler XG runs true and feels like a Z rated sports car tire.
In the rocks, these tires live up to their name. Climbing like a mountain goat with rubber hoofs.

Back home, in Alabama, I had the opportunity to test the 32" Crawler XG on some good ole southeastern slick rock.
Again these tires continue to impress me. The ruts, rocks and logs were no match for the sticky compound of the XG.

With the 32x10-14 weighing in at only 39.9 lbs (using my scale), 9 lbs lighter than the 32" Roctane and 2lbs heavier than the 30", these tires feel light weight with virtually no detection of power loss.

Height at 10psi mounted on a 14x7 wheel, but not on the RZR, came to just under the 32" mark.
Once installed, they settled at exactly 31".

Manufacturer Specs:

Retail price $239.95

32 10 R14 XG ,
20 mm Tread Depth,
Dual sticky compound on the lugs, 54 & 59  Duro
41 LBS
32 10 R15 XR
17mm Tread Depth ,
More tread spacing between lugs
Single Share Compound 59 Duro

The Pros:
Good tread depth
Dual Sticky compound
Light weight (for a 32")

The Cons:
Not Available until April
No XG available in a 15" wheel.

The Run Down:
If you're looking to increase the size of your tires to a 32", you need look no farther.
The Traction on rock and dirt(dry or wet) is the best I've tested to date.

Pictures by:
UTV Guide
Ricky Berry Photography
Tammy Uptain (Queen of my heart)