Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Product: Keller Performance Ball Joints

 With the introduction of the Polaris RZR in model year 2008, there have been many aftermarket upgrades. Many addressing the strength of the control arms. One thing lacking attention has been a better designed ball joint.

OEM ball joints do their job, but lack a three important factors.....longevity, strength and adjustability.

Hello Keller Performance Products!!

I had the privilege to meet the man behind this genius product, Todd Keller, early 2016 while competing at the Ultra4 King of the Hammers UTV race.

We discussed several issues that racers and other hard core riders face while pushing their rigs to the limits. One of those issues was the snap ring that holds the ball joints in place. Many times under a hard load, the snap ring can, will and does pop off. This will end your day quick at high speeds, as well as, damage your a arms.

Several months later Todd called me with his solution; a two piece ball joint that is adjustable, greasable, rebuildable and uses NO SNAP RING!

Yes, please and thank you.......I'll take four!

The installation is easy and straight forward (see video).

Fast forward to July 2016. I have managed to accumulate 600 miles on my race RZR using Keller Performance Ball Joints with no issues. While rebuilding the front end, after an accident, I had the opportunity to break down these joints for a quick inspection. Unbelievable...I found no wear and no need for adjustment. I was impressed to say the least........

These ball joints are very impressive. I would highly recommend them to anyone that beats on their machine like I do or simply anyone that wants the last ball joint your machine will ever need.

MSRP: $129.99
Warranty from manufacturer: 90 Days
Availability: XP 1000 / XP Turbo

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