Monday, January 16, 2017

Pro UTV Racing - Team Challenge

 Pro UTV Racing was introduced in 2016 by its Founders, Jeremy Forsyth and Joey Beck, as an added line up to the already popular Pro Rock and Mega Truck Series.

With the growing sport of UTV racing in the last few years these guys have knocked it out of the park with the first ever "Team Challenge" event!

How it works:

5 Teams of 6 Racers compete in 4 different styles of racing; Endurance Relay, Short Course, Hill Climb and Knockout.

Team Boost
Team Cash
Team Pruitt's Offroad
Team Super ATV
Team Crawling for Ried

Each team must consist of at least one female driver and one driver 15 years old or younger. Each racer is required to race in a minimum of two events.

Each team is scored on the individual races, with the total points determining the winning Team at the end of the day.

Endurance Relay:

Starting off the day of racing was the Endurance Relay. Each team selected 4 drivers to race the 1 mile combination of a short course/woods lap. Once each driver crossed the finish line, the next driver in their team started his/her lap. With the first team getting all four racers across the finish line first, Team Super ATV takes the win!

Short Course:

Four race heats, one 15 and under, one women's and two men's
I was thoroughly impressed with the skills of our upcoming youth racers. These guys/gals are the future of our sport and gave it their all! The camaraderie of racers in Pro UTV Racing is second to none. Although there was a little controversy over a pass, everyone goes home as friends.

Hill Climbing:

The Hill Climbing course was a fairly easy pass at first. Timers at the bottom and top of the climb will determine who is the quickest up the hill. As each competitor rushed up this freshly cleared hill, it became a little tougher. This was the prerequisite to what we were all waiting for.......KNOCKOUT!!!

Knockout Racing:

All that I can say is WOW!! Two racers, one hill, first to the top wins. The best way that I can describe "Knockout" is demolition derby while racing up a hill. I'll just let the video coverage from Madram11 do the talking.......

Pro UTV Racing has become one of my favorite series to follow. If you are looking to come join in the action, please click this LINK for upcoming events.

I truly can not wait until the next event!!

At the end of the day Team Super ATV walked away with the over win, with $6000 in payouts to the team!

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